Landowners’ Commitment

We undertake to manage our land based businesses in line with the following principles.

We will be:


  • Take reasonable steps to ensure that the ownership of our land is visible.
  • Ensure that we or our named representative are accessible and contactable.
  • Openly condemn bad and illegal practice where it exists.
  • Communicate estate plans to those who will be affected by them.


  • Have regard to community aspirations as part of estate planning.
  • Provide the wider estate community with an opportunity to contribute to relevant decision making.
  • Proactively welcome responsible public access.
  • Promote enjoyment of rural Scotland.


  • Work with our tenants and the wider community to encourage and support enterprise and business development where this fits with estate or farm objectives.
  • Work with the community where appropriate to assist in the delivery of its social, economic and environmental aspirations.
  • Act as a catalyst and conduit for inward investment.
  • Provide opportunities for people to connect with the land through education, employment and recreation.


  • Treat everyone with courtesy, politeness and respect and act with integrity across land based business activities.
  • Act sustainably, economically, socially and environmentally.
  • Adhere to all relevant codes of practice and regulatory requirements.
  • Ensure employees and contractors conduct our business in accordance with the principles contained within this Landowners’ Commitment as well as any appropriate professional standards.
  • Be aware of how our actions and decisions might affect those who live and work in rural Scotland and those who visit for enjoyment.