20th March 18

Emilia's Oaks

It was such a lovely day today - certainly the first day of spring here at Torwoodlee - that I managed to spend a lot of it outside tending to trees and woodlands. Of special note was planting nine young oak trees given to me by Jayne and Chris Wright of Vanilla Moon Photography as they wanted to plant them somewhere where they'll definitely be looked after. These little trees grew from acorns that Jayne and Chris planted when their daughter Emilia was born so they are now 6 years old and needing space to stretch their roots. Happily, Emilia will be able to watch these trees grow and mature - I can't promise they'll live forever but they certainly won't be felled in my lifetime.

I also watched a pair of hares 'playing tig' in the sunshine so the springtime feeling isn't confined to me!